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Local News Update —
Squire Briefly Considers
Attending Fighter Practice

Southern Wastes, Trimaris — A squire, Lord Hugh Jass, thought about attending the weekly Barony-sponsored fighter practice for about ten minutes this afternoon. Sources say that Hugh, squired to Sir Reginald the Unfortunate, even went as far as to retape his sword in preparation, before he became entrapped in an evening of watching T.V. and eating Fritos.

"I had every intention of attending that fighter practice, but there was a really neat show on the Discovery Channel. Next thing I knew, it was too late to go." Hugh promised to put in some extra pell work this week in an attempt to make up for the lost practice.

"Pells are no substitute," stated Sir Reginald when reached for comment. "He better start going to practice, or I'll kick his ass myself. You can't win if you don't fight."

When I said 'pass the salt', I meant it!

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