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The original Werewolf of London?
The Quarter Brings You, In a Genuine Attempt to Educate the Populace and Not in Any Way Intending to Pander to the Lowest Common Demonimator —

A Renaissance Art Pop Quiz!

This is a picture of:

  1. The other side of an historically dressed "time out" doll
  2. The results of an Art-Sci project gone horribly awry
  3. A portrait of a daughter of Petrus Gonsalvus, "The hairy man from the Canary Islands", painted by a Bavarian artist in 1582
  4. Just another unruly child we found roaming the event site unsupervised
  5. Your sister

To find out if you've guessed correctly, hover your mouse pointer over your selection. If your browser doesn't pop up a little window telling you whether you were right or wrong, then you'll just have to keep wondering.

The Quarter - Beware the Penguins!