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Letter from the Arts and Sciences Officer

Greetings unto the populace of the Southern Wastes, from Lady Mendicula Spheniscus, Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Good gentles,

I have been distressed of late to hear many of you employ the foreign custom of referring to the Arts and Sciences by the abbreviation "A&S". I would request that each and every one of you make an effort to uphold the Trimarian tradition of abbreviating it as "ArtSci".

Not only because it's tradition (which should be reason enough), but many of you aren't enunciating clearly, and you're running the syllables together. And I'm sorry, but I simply refuse to be known as the "Minister of Anus".

So remember: it's ArtSci. It's not just a good idea, it's the Trimarian way.

In Service To The Barony (Incipient),
The Kingdom and The Dream,
Mendicula Spheniscus, MoAS

The Quarter - Be afraid. Be very afraid.