The Barony of the Southern Wastes

Officers and
Contact Information

Officers without publicly listed email addresses
may be reached through the Seneschal.

• Baron (pro tem):
Honorable Lord Aptenodytes Forsteri (mka Anthony Forster) -
• Seneschal:
Lady Halli Patagonica (mka Holly Patterson) -
• Deputy Seneschal (McMurdo):
Eudyptes Sclateri (mka Jim Lapenta)
• Herald:
Atratus Flatus (mka Art Rogers) -
• Minister of Arts & Sciences:
Mendicula Spheniscus (mka Carolyn Knaff) -
• Marshal:
Humboldt Just Humboldt (mka Vince Kennedy)
• Chronicler:
Kathryne d'Inkepenne (mka Katherine Manfrensenjen) -
• Webminister:
Johannes Habernacher (mka John Havershaw) -
• Hospitaller:
Moseleyi Chrysocome, called Rockhopper (mka Sophia Restucci)
• Exchequer:
Chathamensis of Greenvale (mka Chuck Johnson)
• Historian:
Crestatus Eudyptes (mka Bill Goodrich) -
• Librarian:
Chysolophus the Bookworm (mka Terry Zamyatin)

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