The Barony of the Southern Wastes

Event Calendar

Regular Happenings
(See station map for building locations at McMurdo.)

McMurdo Fighter Practice
Every Wednesday "night", in Building 075 (Gymnasium)
McMurdo ArtSci classes
Every Thursday "night", in Building 064 (McMurdo Playhouse)

South Pole Fighter Practice
Every Tuesday "night", in The Dome
(Mid-February through late October only)

Monthly Revels

Our McMurdo Monthly Revels are held in Building 155 (Station Core Facility), in the Subsistence Area (see floor plan), on the first Saturday of every month. We usually begin around 1000 hours, and keep going until we run out of grog, a snowstorm knocks out our power, or some other emergency pulls us away from our fun. (No, just kidding - that almost never happens!) Singing, dancing, storytelling and tomfoolery galore!

December Revel December 4, 2002
January Revel January 4, 2003
February Revel February 1, 2003
March Revel March 1, 2003
April Revel April 5, 2003
May Revel May 3, 2003

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