The Barony of the Southern Wastes

The Barony of the Southern Wastes (Incipient), according to the SCA Geography Page, is part of the Kingdom of Trimaris, but we have a relatively transient populace made up of members from all over the Knowne World.

The one thing we have in common is that we're all stuck down here in Terra Australis Incognita (called Antarctica on modern maps), and we're all in the SCA. Wait, that's two things.

The two things we have in common are that we're stationed in Antarctica, and we're SCA members, and due to the mind-numbing boredom of being down here in a frozen wasteland, we tend to get a little silly (okay, a lot silly). Uh, the three things we have in common...

Anyway, we're like the red-headed stepchild of the Knowne World; the only time anybody even thinks about us is when they're fighting over which kingdom really owns Antarctica. We used to be an incipient shire, but when somebody actually read Corpora and discovered that we had more than enough members to form our own Barony (only 25 are required), we decided to go for it.

We're too far away (and too cold) for the Crown of Trimaris to visit, and we generally can't make it off the frigid continent, so our local events are pretty much all we have to help us fritter the six-month-long nights away. The only actual contact we have with the rest of our Kingdom is our tongue-in-cheek newsletter, The Quarter, which we ship up to some good gentles who distribute them for us at Kingdom events.

Baron Aptenodytes While the process of becoming a "real" Barony (instead of just an "incipient" one) trudges slowly onwards, our Baron pro tem is Aptenodytes Forsteri, who originally hails from the Kingdom of Caid (mundanely, he's Dr. Anthony P. Forster, a meterology professor who's researching subzero weather patterns). He recently had us build an army of snowmen to make up for the fact that we couldn't go to Pennsic. Unfortunately, it's dark in August, so we have to wait until the sun rises in order to take pictures of them! Once we do, though, look for the mighty Antarctican Army on our pictures page.

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