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It's not just for lining
birdcages any more!

It's come to our attention that some people actually read The Quarter, instead of saving it as an emergency backup for when the restrooms run out of toilet paper!

Now, we found this somewhat hard to believe, and we're sure others will too, so we're putting up actual photographic evidence of this narrowly spread phenomenon.

TRM Gaston and Judith, Trimaris Fall Crown Lyst, anno societatis xxxvi Their Royal Majesties, Gaston and Judith, take a few seconds out of their busy schedule to peruse our humble comedic offerings. Neither of them looked angry at what they were reading, so we were greatly relieved.

The Quarter goes Interkingdom!

A trio of Ansteorran Laurels puzzle over what passes for humor in Trimaris.

Seriously, though: Ansteorra has a lot of really cool, fun people. Don't hate them just because we fight a pretend war with them once a year. That would just be stupid.
Steppes Artisan event, Ansteorra, anno societatis xxxvi

Baron Damien takes a break at Martinmas Coronation, anno societatis xxxv Baron Damien Blauwald cools off from fighting by reading The Quarter. Ever notice that you never see Baron Damien and Captain Teutonic in the same place at the same time? Hmmm...

The Quarter - We kid because we love.